Work in progress

This software is still being built and is not ready for prime time. In particular, encryption is not here yet. Any feedback and help is welcome !

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Arbore is a free and open-source file sharing application that enables you to send your pictures, documents, files to your contacts privately and without limits.
Keep your private communications private. Stop being the product, be yourself.
Share without limits
No number or size limits. Share as much and anything you want.
Free & Open Source
Free as in free beer, Free as in free speech.
Windows, MacOS and Linux are supported.
Nasty free
No spyware, No ads, No user tracking.
Direct transfer from the sender to the recipient. You keep the control.

Create your identity

Your identity is simply a name or pseudonym. You can also add an avatar and a biography. You can have as many identity as you want.

Manage your contacts

Once you have added your first contact, Arbore will start to suggest new contact you may know so you can easily build your contact list.


Share files, documents, pictures ... with your contacts, as you would with an email. The difference is that there is no limits in size, number or type. It also stay private with strong encryption (not available yet).


You can also chat with your contacts directly from the application.


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